As a Father, are you Happy with the Nappy? If not, you soon will be

It may not seem like it at first, but getting ‘Happy with the Nappy’ is a key moment of high quality time with your baby. This can be really difficult to imagine, particularly at the beginning, as you change that first one while holding back the instinct to vomit. But don’t worry, you will get to experience some very intimate, funny and of course, messy times together with your baby.

At the time they may seem distressing for you, but not your baby, but they’ll also be times you will recount and laugh about for the next twenty years. Not to mention the potential of embarrassing your teenager in front of people, even if you don’t do it deliberately. They may not all be ‘rosy’ moments and absolutely nothing can prepare you for that first really smelly one, but treasure them nevertheless.

In fact, you’ll wonder how something so small and cute can produce something so toxic and revolting. When this happens, you may be tempted to let your partner take care of the nappy changes, but resist this. As she probably does most of the input, you should do your share of the output!

Of course beware of changing your child’s nappy just before you are going out. There is nothing more frustrating than having to change your suit and shirt as they have just been soaked by a jet of warm yellow liquid. Then to see the look of contentment on your child’s face, together with that little smile. It puts it all into perspective and you can’t stay annoyed for very long. In fact it then becomes one of those special moments to treasure.

So get involved with this important part of your baby and ‘Get Happy with the Nappy’.

How do stop your older child from becoming jealous when a new sibling arrives home?

The last thing you want or need when you arrive home with your new baby, is for your older child to become jealous. This will just make it very difficult and stressful, at a time when you and your child’s mother are emotionally and in the case of your partner, physically drained. So what can you do to avoid this and make the arrival of your new family member as seamless as possible?

Before your new baby is born, you should talk to your older child and explain what is going to happen. You will already have told him why ‘mummy’s tummy is growing’, and what will happen when his new sibling arrives. This is something that you, as a father ,can really focus on, as you and your older child are not part of the ‘mummy/baby physical’ relationship.

When it is time to bring your new baby home, make sure you bring a ‘special’ present home with her, specially for her older brother. This present is from his new sister, and will be valued and appreciated hugely by her older sibling. This will serve a few purposes. Firstly it will help prevent any jealousy when she arrives. Secondly, it will be a good distraction for him at times when you need to be focused on your new baby. Finally, it will help your older child to understand that, as his new sister is smaller, sometimes she needs to be looked after before you both can focus on him.

Your older child will remember this small gesture for years into the future, and it will help start the complex sibling relationship off, in your home, on the right foot.