Your child’s Bedroom must always be his sanctuary and not a place of punishment. But if he is naughty, the punishment must always fit the crime!

Your child’s bedroom must always be his special place where he has good sentiments and feels totally secure. In other words his personal sanctuary and it is your responsibility to make sure this is the case throughout his whole childhood. There will be times while he grows up when he will need a place where he can gather his thoughts and think how he can manage the challenges life has thrown at him.

You always need to keep this in mind when you punish him for doing something naughty. Avoid at all costs sending your child to his bedroom during the day as a punishment, as this will make his room become synonymous with a negative experience and a place he is banished to when he is in trouble. As an alternative, you can always send him to bed early, as this is different, because the punishment is going to bed early, and not being sent to his room.

You must also make sure the punishment fits the crime. If your child steals something from somebody else, he should be punished strongly by withdrawing privileges. This could be no TV or video games for a week. You must however ensure the punishment is appropriate for the misdemeanour. If administered correctly to your child, it will teach him a very firm lesson, namely never to steal again. He also needs to understand that certain behaviour is totally unacceptable at any time.

If you get it wrong however, it may result in a completely different message coming across to your child. It is therefore very important to teach your child that there are always consequences for unacceptable behaviour and that the severity of the punishment will always fit the crime.