How can you as a Dad, improve the general quality of life at home when you have a demanding Toddler tiring your partner out? It is possible and there is a special benefit as well!

This is always a challenge for young parents when you have Toddlers in the household, but a little extra effort can reap dividends for you both. Even if you are exhausted when you arrive home from work, and you feel you don’t have enough energy to have a little playtime with your child, force yourself to make that extra special effort.

Always say hello to your child, wherever he is in the house and listen attentively to what he has to say to you about his day. It will be time very well spent. He will always want to greet you when you have been away, even if only for a few hours and he will remember the effort you have made for him for many years to come.

It will also give your partner a break, which she will really appreciate and recognise the effort you have made. Even though she knows you are very tired from being out all day, the fact that you have made that special effort to relieve her, will help improve your relationship together. It will give her instant relief from the pressure of children, and it will definitely improve your sex life.

This may seem like a wild claim, but as she will be far more relaxed when she goes to bed, it will definitely be more rewarding than if she is exhausted. It’s a bit like knocking over a set of dominoes. You relieve the pressure on her, she spends time on herself, she relaxes, you get tired from playing with your Toddler, you need relaxing, she spends time on you, you feel better, she feels better……it’s a win/win situation……

Your Children Don’t have to mean No Sex with your Partner

If you become a great Dad, you will definitely have a better sex life. Your children can mean sex with your partner gets forgotten about, or in the best case, becomes an after thought. You don’t have to let that happen.

There is nothing more attractive to a Mum, than a great Dad. She had children with you because you are really special to her, so now you can prove it with your children. You can give her relief from the constant demands of your children, so she can spend more time on herself and more time on you.

It’s a bit like dominoes. You spend time on the children…….. she spends time on you….. you feel great! She does as well. Your children love you…..your partner loves you…… Everyone is a winner!

When you get in from your days work, immediately take over managing your children. It will take your mind off your work and will relax you. Your partner will then relax, your children will relax, and you will have a great time once your children have gone to bed. It really works…… trust me, I know.

You are a Dad, so tell me if this works for you. I am sure it will!