Why is taking your child to school so important? If you can do this, you will see why!

As a Father, taking your child to school in the morning can be more than just good fun. Your child will be all excited about the new day, and is virtually always in the most responsive frame of mind. He will not be tired, and will be full of the joys of spring. He will be such good company and you, as his father, can share these wonderful moments with him.

This high quality time then becomes very important in terms of the closeness of your relationship together, as well as being enjoyable. It allows both of you to take advantage of a time when there is just the two of you together, when you are both very positive about the day ahead. Little things, like spotting a wild bird, becomes a little treasure you can both share.

He will be so excited about his day ahead, and you can tell him all about what you are going to be doing. He will love that and will be genuinely interested, and you will love seeing how he responds. Your child will never grow bored of hearing what his Dad does at work. This is very high quality time for you both, and will be remembered fondly in the years ahead.

If at all possible, try to walk to school, as this allows you to spend really good time together without having to concentrate on driving or riding a bike. You can be totally focussed on each other which will reinforce your relationship with each other.

I used to walk my children to school when I was going on to the train station afterwards. We would talk about everything and nothing. But to this day, they all remember what good fun it was, and really appreciate the fact I made the effort to do that with them.

Let me know your experiences of taking your child to school.