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‘Make Christmas a time for giving’. It’s a cliché, but now you can achieve it twice over.  ‘Kill two birds with one stone’.

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Make Believe is magical for your child, particularly around Christmas time. You should keep it magical…

Christmas and New Year is the most magical time of year and one for the whole family to really enjoy being together. For your children, having Daddy around helping Mummy prepare for Christmas and sharing in the excitement as it builds, will be very special. Try to make sure you always spend Christmas and New Year with your children. You will see, that by always making an effort to be together at this time of year, when they are very young and as they grow older, they will want to continue to spend the Festive period with you. They will come to expect this, and it will always be like that, even when they have their own family unit. The tables might be turned though and it will be them doing all the work.

Something you could do to make the magic of Father Christmas more realistic, is to dress up on Christmas morning and just as your child is waking up, run across the lawn (or across a corridor if you live in an apartment) in your outfit. While you do that, your partner can call your child to the window or the door, so he can just manage to catch a glimpse of Father Christmas disappearing round the side of the building. Of course it has to be perfectly co-ordinated with your partner. While your child is still looking on in disbelief, you can quickly come inside, get rid of your outfit, join in and share in the amazement. Your child will be convinced he has seen Santa Claus.

Always keep in mind when you decide to do this that your Child is extremely observant. One year I forgot to put boots on and wore a pair of my everyday shoes. When I got back inside the house all pleased with my little charade, my son asked very ‘matter of factly’ why Father Christmas was wearing my shoes. Fortunately he was still very young, only 2 years old and I was able to explain it away by saying lots of people had shoes like mine. It wouldn’t have worked if he had been much older.


How hard should you try to keep your children believing in Father Christmas?

Christmas is a magical time for children, but also for you as a parent. It is a time when you can share so many special moments and create some memories that you will never forget. Ones that will last a lifetime for your children.

You can make the build up to Christmas very exciting by talking about Father Christmas and whether he will come and visit your child. Then you can do the ultimate for him on Christmas morning. You can allow him to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus as he leaves your home. How can you do this?

It is quite simple, but you will need the assistance and complicity of your partner. Get yourself prepared the night before, then on Christmas morning when your child is near the Christmas tree, get your partner to distract your child, while you slip quietly outside. Of course you need to be dressed in your Santa outfit and black boots.

Then once outside, run across the lawn in your outfit, or if you are in an apartment, across the hallway. Get your partner to tell your child that Father Christmas is in the garden and must be late with his rounds of visiting children. While your child catches a glimpse of Santa, you disappear round the side of the house, and slip in the back door, and join your child and partner in the ‘amazement’ of having just seen Father Christmas.

Make believe keeps the magic in your son or daughter’s childhood. They will grow up soon enough.