The Making of a Man

It is nearly six months since I last put a post up on my Blog during which time I have not been idle. I have now published my second Book ‘The Making of a Man’. This Book in some ways, follows on from my first Book ‘Help I’m a Father’ because it covers the, sometimes traumatic period, after childhood, from adolescence to adulthood. A period of a young persons life from around 16/17 years of age, to about 10 years later.

The Book consists of a series of philosophical writings, poetry, prose and a few simple pearls of wisdom, which emphasise the complexity of a young persons life, demonstrate the self doubt and eventually show the way forward with confidence. Here are a few examples of what you will find in the Book, which is available through Amazon.

Please feel free to give me any feedback, It would be very welcome.

Smiling Hope

In times of trouble, when things go wrong,
never forget that your biggest ally
is hope.

Without it you can give up, but with it,
there is always something
to fight for.

Second to hope, is a smile.
You can overcome everything and
everyone with a smile on your face.

With these two attributes,
you will never lose.

The Search for Inspiration

I wanted to write poetry. I couldn’t.
Where was the inspiration?
I looked around me and what did I see?
The people, the animals, they were
giving me nothing to grasp. Why not?
The sun was shining, it was warm,
a faint cry from a distant dog broke the silence.
No one was there, they had all gone.
Retreated into their little holes.

I sat there alone thinking to myself,
what makes these people tick?
They are not like me, or is it perhaps
the other way around. I was enjoying
the sun, the warmth and yet the
stillness disturbed me. I couldn’t explain it.
Again, the distant dog let out a cry.
It seemed to be closer, calling me.
I dismissed it, I thought,
and yet it still lingered.

Then, in the misty haze, I realised I was alone
and the cry had been for me.
Still, there was no one outside as the sun
beat down. I saw the dog, wagging its tail,
it let out another cry, it was calling me.
I jumped up and ran to it.
The closer I came, the less clear the dog became.
I reached out for it, but it wasn’t there.
I looked around, everyone was out,
they were laughing.

I had dreamt the whole thing,
for the sake of inspiration.
I had made a fool of myself for nothing,
still there was no poem.
It was then that I realised it was hopeless.
So, I slept.

The Ultimate Escape

The clouds linger up on the hilltop,
they drift very slightly, yet never stop.

The raindrops attack the troubled lake,
spitting everywhere like an embittered snake.

The silence around me is eerie and yet,
it’s peaceful and calm but making me fret.

The light in the distance seems magic to me,
encased by the trees yet totally free.

Soon darkness will fall, and day become night,
then me like the rest, will begin to take fright.

I’m all right now, I’m back in the car,
I can go, yet the light seems so far.

I leave, I drive, a crash, then I die,
at last I can reach those clouds in the sky.