Am I a Boring Dad to my Children? How do I know if I am, and how do I stop it?

Do your children find you boring? If so, and you will know whether they do, you have to ask yourself why! There is always a risk that parents lose the ability to remain relevant to their children as they are growing up. This becomes particularly acute when your child becomes a teenager. So, the question is, how do you avoid this? Can you avoid it, or is it inevitable?

The answer is yes of course you can avoid this! It just takes effort and commitment, and a real desire on your part. The key to remaining relevant and avoiding becoming boring is to stay interested in what your children do, and become tolerant of their developing tastes.

This isn’t always easy, as their tastes in clothes, music, films and friends can be so different from yours. But you have to try, because if they perceive you as being boring and uninterested in what they do, they will stop communicating with you. The moment they do this, you will become irrelevant to their lives and just a peripheral figure floating around the edge of their existence!

This is to be avoided at all costs, as your children need you perhaps more than at any time in their lives when they become teenagers, as their points of reference are changing so quickly. You become the constant, but you have to adapt with them. But it is possible, so never give up trying …..

5 thoughts on “Am I a Boring Dad to my Children? How do I know if I am, and how do I stop it?

  1. I totally share this problem. We have a teenage boy aged 16.5 years old and as soon as he has finished his meal with us, he just cannot wait to leave the table. He is terribly reluctant to discuss anything with us and we have to literally bombard him with specific questions to try and have a very small insight of what goes on in his life. I have to say, that though we do try hard, he still remains a closed book, so it is not a simple issue. We hope that it is just a phase he is going through, but it can be hard at times.


    1. Hi Caroline, thanks for your comments. I agree with you, it definitely isn’t a simple issue. One thing I found worked quite well to get my eldest teenage boy to open up a bit, was to go out with him to a restaurant or a pub. That way as he was with me outside of the house, he was far more inclined too open up, and he has done. So that is always what I do now


  2. The best thing you can do for your kids is to be there for them. Material things not worth a shit at the end of the day. They’ll always remember the times you played with them and spent time reading to them or even the times you just hung out and watched tv..Being there is the key 🙂

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    1. Hi and thanks for your comment. I agree with you completely . If you have invested your time, effort and love in your children then you will always be able to communicate with them. I hope you are enjoying reading my Blog, and thank you again for your comments.

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