Ask me a Question on Fatherhood. What would you like me to write about in my next Blog Post? Please tell me.

Maybe you have a question you are looking for an answer to, and you haven’t been able to find a satisfactory outcome. So please ask me, whether you are a mother or father, or a parent to be.

The purpose of this Blog is to share ideas, and offer tips and advice on day to day situations that arise, specifically for a Father. Handling the relationship with your children and helping to improve its quality is vital, and time which is very well spent.

I don’t claim to know all the answers, but what I can offer is a different perspective perhaps, and a possible solution to a situation which troubles you. So please contact me and suggest topics to write about, or ask me very specific questions.

I guarantee I will answer every one that I receive. I also hope you are enjoying reading my Blog. Any feedback that you would like to give me is very welcome. Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Ask me a Question on Fatherhood. What would you like me to write about in my next Blog Post? Please tell me.

  1. Thanks for opening up for questions and ideas. Yahoo Parenting has been doing the #NoShameParenting movement this month, but I notice many of the stories are about how mothers feel judged. Judged for breastfeeding or not, judged for working or not, etc…
    In your experience, what shames fathers? Let’s start a discussion to end shaming of fathers too.

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  2. Thank you for your comment, and what an interesting question. Fathers are judged, sometimes harshly, for many things. Not least for passing a lot of parental duties over to the mother. This isn’t always because they want to do this, but because they assume mothers can handle children better than them. If they haven’t had an involved father when they were growing up, then deferring to the mother seems normal. Then society, which has evolved hugely over the last 20 years, shames him, saying that he is abdicating his responsibility as a father. What are your thoughts on this? There are certainly other areas where fathers are judged as well…

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    1. What I see the most is the assumption that a man out with his children is “babysitting” for mom. How can you babysit your own children? My husband stays at home with our 18 month old, and although he won’t admit it, I believe this assumption on the part of people he meets keeps him from taking our son to the park and other places. He’ll gladly go along if I’m available, and it’s not because he thinks I can handle our son better, because most times, he is the one running around after our wee one.
      I think a great post from you would consist of taking note of how and when people judge you (or at least you feel judged) as a father and then write about it.

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      1. Thank you for your idea on a potential post. Let me see what I can do. I really appreciate your interaction and feedback. It’s good to hear a mothers perspective on how a father should be with his children in certain situations

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  3. That’s very interesting about your husband not taking your son to the park on his own. Those are lost ‘special dad/child moments’ if he doesn’t do it. When mine were younger, and I took them out on my own, initially I was quite self conscious that people would think I wasn’t a ‘real man’ as I as walking with the children during the day. But then I reasoned that these were the most important people in my life, and that we should make special moments together. Nothing is more intimate than holding your child’s hand in the park and pointing out the birds or the clouds, and watching his total amazement about life. Please encourage your husband to seize these moments, he definitely won’t regret them.


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