If your Child asks you a question, you must always listen to them.

If your child asks you a question, it is because it is important to them at that particular moment and they need an answer from you. As it is important to them, you must listen carefully to what your child is saying and then give them an honest answer.

How many times have you heard your children say “You never listen to me”, particularly when they are teenagers. Well you can help avoid this frustration in those later years, by starting early. Always make the effort to stop what you are doing and listen to your child and then answer them.

Of course your answer has to be appropriate for their age, but don’t make the mistake of lying to them. It is very important that you are always honest with your children. They need to know what really goes on in the world they are living in.

By always responding to your child’s question, you will be letting them know that their contribution to the family is valued and important, and this will pay enormous dividends when they get older.

It will also convey the subliminal message to them that they need to listen to you when you ask them a question. The dynamics in your family will improve and you will have a much more harmonious family unit as a result.



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