The Road to Riches with your Children

Your children will enrich your life so much if you really want them to. They don’t have to be a burden financially or emotionally, in fact your children should be an inspiration. Give your child attention, love, encouragement and a challenge, and you will both become emotionally rich together.

You as a father can be as close to your children as their mother. They need you just as much as they need her. You just need to know how to be really close to them. So give them time, always try to be available for them, it is the most precious gift you can give your child, and you will see they will respond to you in an amazing way.

Don’t be afraid to do things with them. You will see the wonder in their eyes and the pure joy as you give them a ride around your living room, on your back, with you on all fours.

They will love it, they will love you, and they will remember that precious moment, and many others like that with you, for many years to come. When your child is only a Toddler you will already be amassing the emotional riches together, just by giving them your time and attention.

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