Why on Earth did you have Children?

I am starting this blog, because for me the role of father is the most important one you will ever have to play in your entire life. It is more important than any paid job you will ever do.

I have three lovely children who are grown up now, and in this blog I would like to share my experiences with you as a Dad. I don’t profess to have all the answers, but I have found, through practical experience, a lot of strategies and can describe anecdotes that can help get you through difficult and tense situations, and that really work.

These have got me through some very tough and frustrating times with my children and hopefully they can provide you with inspiration and options with your own children. It is possible for you to come out at the end of the journey (if indeed there is ever an end to the journey of Fatherhood), when your children have grown up, and you can say to yourself “I did it”.

You will then be able to answer  the title question and say, ” I know why I had children”. I would love to hear your ideas, and what strategies you have used to get you through a challenging situation with your child.


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